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    Request for Insurance Cover,

    Please tick where appropriate and also note that declining insurance confirms that
    Irish Removals are not liable for transit damage sustained.

    1. The total value of your goods is always required whether transit insurance is or is not purchased.
    2. This insurance covers household goods and personal effects being moved and/or stored.
    3. Intermediate storage, other than that at Irish Removals designated warehouse, is covered only when
    temporarily stored in the course of transit.
    4. Storage in a warehouse at destination is not insured unless cover is requested, agreed by Underwriters
    and premium paid to Irish Removals.
    5. Please refer to our Summary of Insurance Cover for your guidance and details of Excluded Goods

    Payment Terms:

    Payment must be made in advance of the removal date or on agreement by us, prior to delivery.
    Please invoice me at the following address:


    I confirm that the goods are my own unencumbered possessions or I am authorised to enter into this Contract
    on behalf of the owner of the goods. I have read and retained a copy of the quotation to which I agree. If I
    request Insurance cover, have read and retained a copy of the Details of Insurance Cover to which I agree
    and, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the values as stated represent the current market value of the
    whole of my goods being removed / stored.


    Irish Removals Specialists LTD, Public Storage Centre, Bishopstown, Cork. Tel: 00353 (0) 21 4543976

    Please note that submission of the completed booking form does not confirm your requested date. A staff member will confirm your booking by phone/ email

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